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1) I've just been Force Forfeited!

a) Each game has a time limit, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 day or 7 days. If you go over that limit your opponent is entitled to force a forfeit and claim a win.

2) But I'd played my turn and the game server was slow or froze up.

a) That's unfortunate, but it sometimes happens. If it keeps happening to you possibly the best option would be to play games with a longer turn time.

3) But I was only a couple of seconds over time and let them go over time as well!

That may have been unsportsmanlike on the part of your opponent, however those are the rules by which the game works.

4) How long should I wait before Force Forfeiting an opponent?

a) You are entitled to force a forfeit as soon as your opponent goes over time, but whether or not you choose to do so is up to you.

5) So why not just have the program automatically Force a Forfeit if someone goes over time?

a) Because it's a matter for the player. If they choose to allow their opponent to go over time without using the Force Forfeit option, that's up to them.

6) Can I Name and Shame my opponent on the Scrabble Discussion pages for Force Forfeiting me?

a) No, such threads are not permitted. Please remember that it's only a game and there are plenty of other people to play.

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