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1) I've just been Force Forfeited!

a) Each game has a time limit, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 day or 7 days. If you go over that limit your opponent is entitled to force a forfeit and claim a win.

2) But I'd played my turn and the game server was slow or froze up.

a) That's unfortunate, but it sometimes happens. If it keeps happening to you possibly the best option would be to play games with a longer turn time.

3) But I was only a couple of seconds over time and let them go over time as well!

That may have been unsportsmanlike on the part of your opponent, however those are the rules by which the game works.

4) How long should I wait before Force Forfeiting an opponent?

a) You are entitled to force a forfeit as soon as your opponent goes over time, but whether or not you choose to do so is up to you.

5) So why not just have the program automatically Force a Forfeit if someone goes over time?

a) Because it's a matter for the player. If they choose to allow their opponent to go over time without using the Force Forfeit option, that's up to them.

6) Can I Name and Shame my opponent on the Scrabble Discussion pages for Force Forfeiting me?

a) No, such threads are not permitted. Please remember that it's only a game and there are plenty of other people to play.

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Started By Thread Subject Replies Last Post Fast Forfeit used to fake players' word skill is not Scrabble 5 Feb 19 2011, 10:04 AM EST by
Thread started: Feb 16 2011, 5:44 PM EST  Watch
You state, "If you go over that limit your opponent is entitled to force a forfeit and claim a win." If that is the case, why have the "Skip" function at all? Isn't the idea of the game to finish? Because you apparently allow this rule [which I challenge as inconsistent with the spirit & the objectives of a game] where some "players" sit on the FF button & if you're half a second over you LOSE???? EVEN THOUGH THE OTHER PLAYER IS OVER 100 POINTS BEHIND? You're kidding! That's not winning: It's bad sportsmanship. I have suggested you change the rules to prevent this kind of bad behaviour that spoils it for everyone else. I played about 1500 games, but I won't play online again until you modify this misuse of the FF function. I suggest you 1. Prevent a player from forcing a forfeit unless the player has used the skip function at least once; and 2. Post the percentage of forced forfeits in a players statistics viewable by all.

It is one of the methods of cheating [even if the rules allow it and I have never seen a rule about using the function] for a player over 100 points behind to be able to force forfeit when the sporting option is to skip. By all means let players skip when the other player goes overtime and even do it when someone is a second over but force forfeiting as it is used by many players is contrary to the objectives and the spirit of the game, and cheating is not too strong a word.

There is another point: the persons who use the FF often have very high win percentages, hence my second suggestion. That serves against the skill of players who are actually quite good. You think you're playing a good player but actually their real skill is FF at the first second over, and that's not scrabble.

Goodbye. Let me know when you fix up this problem that is one of the principle sources of angst among fair players and I'll come back to the game.
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SusanDuff forced forfiets 1 Sep 27 2010, 11:07 PM EDT by JaneHoward
Thread started: Jul 27 2010, 5:07 AM EDT  Watch
i think force forfeits are excellent.. i had players that take on a 1 day game and 16 days later u get to finish that game.. we need another rule applied to get faster forfieting..because if u push' next game' that game that u have been trying to play for days and days always seems to appear.. VERY ANNOYING .... i am a full time worker and if i cant complete a game without taking 1 go a day for a fortnite then i dont start 1 ... also if u have to leave ur game for days its less annoying to apponents to simply start a 7 day game,... that way when someone keeps U waiting 3 days, then takes 1 go and disappears again u may realise just what the force forfiet rule is there for.. and i bet u would use it ;)) love scrabble btw lol
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aidanh Who can force? 4 Nov 29 2009, 12:37 AM EST by aidanh
Thread started: Nov 22 2009, 9:24 PM EST  Watch
In a lot of my games, a newbie leaves - and although I seem to be the only one controlling the skip, I cannot do a force forfeit unless (usually) I'm in the lead - any ideas
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